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SP-Anno for Saturday, July 22nd, 2017


SP events and notices:

Saturday, Jul 22, 4-7pm: Owu Room Clean Up!
Sunday, Jul 23, 10-noon: Boston Aquarium Outing
Tuesday, Jul 25, 8-9pm: SP July House Meeting

SP Events

1.  Owu Room Clean Up!
Saturday, Jul 22, 4-7pm, Owu Room (Room across from south elevators).
Join us for setting up new bookshelves and sorting through the random books in the Owu Room! We will then have free dinner to celebrate the hard work!

E-mail: sp-plants-chair
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2.  Boston Aquarium Outing
Sunday, Jul 23, 10-noon, Boston Aquarium.
Boston Aquarium Outing for $1   More...

E-mail: sp-aquarium-chair
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3.  SP July House Meeting
Tuesday, Jul 25, 8-9pm, Multipurpose Room.
The July House Meeting will be happening on Tuesday July 25th from 8-9 PM. This House Meeting will involve a budget vote; come see where SP's money goes!

There will also be desserts at the meeting's conclusion.

E-mail: sp-president

Recurring Events

1.  Learn Karate at SP
Thursday, Jun 1, 6:30-8pm, SP Seminar Room.

E-mail: sp-athletics-chair